Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Prevalence and Consequences Beyond that of Symptomatic Day Workers.

Booklet, 2004

Shift Work Sleep Disorders Australia

Fact Sheet, 2006

Plain Language about Shiftwork


The Health Effects of Shift Work

Scientific Symposium

Booklet, April 2010

Guide to Self-Care

Suicide prevention Australia.

Fact Sheet, October 2014

Effective Health and Wellbeing Programs


Coping with Stress


Mindfulness @ Monash

The health benefits of meditation and being mindful.


Relaxation Techniques Handout

Fact Sheet

Relaxation and Relaxation Exercises

Fact Sheet

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Fact Sheet

Physical Fitness Training

12 Week Preparation Program



What is mindfulness?

Fact Sheet

How to Meditate

A primer for beginners.

Fact Sheet

Five Steps to Mindfulness


Diaphragmatic Breathing

Fact Sheet

Deep Breathing

Fact Sheet, 2005

Stress & Stress Management

Booklet, January 2010

Mental Wellness Tips to Maintain a Healthy Mind and Body

Fact Sheet

Implementing a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program


Making a Case for Your program

Healthier, happier workplaces.

Fact Sheet

Guide to Promoting Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace


Conflicts Between Emergency Services Volunteering and Family Life

Fact Sheet

A Guide to Promoting Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace


Volunteering and Mental Health

A review of the literature.

Research Paper

Making the Case for Peer Support

Report to the mental health commission of Canada.

Research Paper

Guidelines for the Practice and Training of Peer Support


Healthy Minds, Safe Communities

Supporting our public safety officers through a national strategy for operational stress injuries.

Report, October 2016

Dealing With Workplace Bullying

A practical guide for employees.


Workplace Bullying in Australia

Final report.

Research Paper, May 2014

Dealing with Workplace Bullying

A worker's guide.

Booklet, May 2016

Guide for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying

Booklet, May 2016

Emotional First Aid for Children

Fact Sheet

Emotional First Aid for Adults

Missouri Department of Mental Health.

Fact Sheet

Psychological First Aid

An Australian Red Cross guide to supporting people affected by disaster.


First Aid in the Home

British Red Cross


Home First Aid Kit


Resuscitation Plan - DRSABCD

Emergency resuscitation guide.


Managing Shift Work

Health and safety guidance.

Booklet, 2006

Plain Language About Shift Work

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Guide on Shift Work

Occupational Safety and Health Branch, Labour Department.


Shift Work, Lifestyle, Health

Shift work, lifestyle and health advice from British Railways.


A Good Night's Sleep

The most common sleep complaints are not being able to get enough sleep (insomnia) and not getting refreshing or good quality sleep (a sleep disorder).  So how do you know if you have a problem?  What is normal?

Fact Sheet

Shift Work Sleep Facts

The body has a natural rhythm which helps you sleep at night and stay alert during the day. When you work shift work you must struggle against this. Long shifts or insufficient daytime sleep lead to tiredness and accidents.

Fact Sheet

Sleep Hygeine

Sleep hygiene is a term used to describe good sleep habits, that is things you can do to give yourself the best chance of a good refreshing sleep. Here are some "Dos" and "Don'ts" that might help you to get a good night's sleep.

Fact Sheet

Eat Smart

Eat smart, work right for shift workers.


Grief and Loss

Coping with grief and loss


Managing Someone With A Mental Health Condition



Looking After Your Mental Health in the Workplace



Managing Shift Work to Minimise Workplace Fatigue


Shifting Nutrition

A shift worker's guide to nutrition.


Guide for Managing the Risk of Fatigue at Work

Booklet, November 2013

How to Manage Shift Work Guide


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