Police Dispatcher Stress and Resilience

Despite the increased attention directed to the problem of occupational stress over the past several decades, few investigative endeavors have focused on the physiological effects of dispatcher stress making emergency dispatchers a vastly understudied population in the field of psychology.


Police Work and Its Effects on the Family

An in depth study of the long term effects on the families of police officers, and how to approach the stress that places on home life, and relationships.

Research Paper

Critical Incidents: Responding to Police Officer Trauma

An attempt to identify how critical incidents affect police officers, and what administrators and supervisors can do to help officers who are involved in these types of incidents.

Research Paper, November, 2011

Police Suicide: Understanding Grief & Loss

Reactions, healing, and recovery following an officer suicide.

Research Paper, 2002

Police Stress

Signs and management of officer stress.


Line-of-Duty Death: Psychological Treatment of Traumatic Bereavement in Law Enforcement

A research paper on post suicide bereavement, and it's unique effects on the Police community and their families.

Research Paper, 2007

Suicide and Law Enforcement

Booklet, 2009

Suicidal Ideation in Police Officers

Exploring an Additional Measure.

Research Paper

Police Suicide

Understanding grief and loss.

Pamphlet, 2002

Police Officer Suicide

Frequency and Officer Profiles.

Research Paper, 1999

The Mystery Within

Understanding police suicide.

Booklet, February 1995

Preparing for the Unimaginable

How chiefs can safeguard officer mental health before and after mass casualty events.

Book, 2016

Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Disorders in Police Officers

Research Paper

Police Officer Alcohol Use and Trauma Symptoms

Associations With Critical Incidents, Coping, and Social Stressors.

Research Paper, January 2013

What Helps and Hinders the Decision to Access Psychological Services in a Police Population

A critical incident study.

Research paper, May 2014

Emotional Labour and Policing from the Perspective of Retired Officers

A Preliminary Study.

Research Paper, March 2011

Management of Stress and Burnout of Police Personnel

Research Paper, January 2008

Prevention and Management of Stress in Policing

A Review of the Literature

Research Paper, 2014

Family Support for Police Officers

Critical information for members and their families.


Officer Safety and Wellness

An overview of the issues.

Research Paper

Effects of a Comprehensive Police Suicide Prevention Program

An evaluation of the effects of a multifaceted program to prevent suicides in the police force in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Optimal Resourcing

A longitudinal study of resources, work demands and psychological well-being in Australian frontline police officers.


Optimal Resourcing

A longitudinal study of resources, work demands and psychological well-being in Australian frontline police officers.


Breaking the Silence on Law Enforcement Suicides

Strategies for police departments seeking to include officer mental wellness as a core element of officer safety.

July 2013

Victoria Police Mental Health Review

An independent review into the mental health and wellbeing of Victoria Police employees.

May, 2016

Caring For And About Those Who Serve

Work-life conflict and employee well being within Canada's Police Departments

March, 2012

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