Help is at Hand

Support after someone may have died by suicide.

Book, 2012

A Death in the Workplace

A guide for family and friends following the loss of a workmate.

Booklet, 2016

Promoting Mental Health and Wellness


How to Support Staff who are Experiencing a Mental Health Problem


Returning to Work after Experiencing Mental Illness and other Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Booklet, 2007

Mental Health Toolkit for Employers


Managing and Supporting Mental Health at Work

Disclosure tools for managers.

Booklet, December 2011

Do I Tell my Boss?

Disclosing my mental health condition at work.

Fact Sheet, 2012

Psychological First Aid

A guide for field workers.

Booklet, 2011

Burnout Intervention Training for Managers and Team Leaders

Burnout: Definition, recognition and prevention approaches.

Research Paper

Vicarious Trauma 1800Respect

Pamphlet, July 2014

Vicarious Trauma

Speech Excerpt, 2008

Understanding Anxiety and Depression



What Is A Mental Illness

Brochure, 2007

What Is An Anxiety Disorder

Brochure, 2007

What Is A Depressive Disorder

Brochure, 2007

Panic Disorder and Aporaphobia

Australian Treatment Guide for Consumers and Carers

August, 2009

Helping a Suicidal Person

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Mental Illness: First Steps to Get Help


Coping With Depression

Australian treatment guide for consumers and carers.

August, 2009

Commonwealth Response to The Hidden Toll: Suicide in Australia

Report of the Senate community affairs reference committee


Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

A return on investment analysis on mental health in the workplace.

Stress & Wellbeing in Australia Survey

The findings of the Australian Psychological Society Stress and Wellbeing in Australia survey 2015.


LIFE Fact Sheets

A series of short fact sheets on suicide and prevention.

Compiled Fact Sheets

Research and Evidence in Suicide Prevention

Evidence and statistics relating to suicide prevention and research in Australia.


Suicide: Worried About Someone?

Services and advice for those worried about a mate.


An evaluation of mental health intervention techniques.

PTSD Phenomenology

The nature of PTSD and how it manifests itself over time.

PTSD Epidemiology

The distribution and determinants of PTSD within a given population.

LIFE Framework

A framework for prevention of suicide in Australia.



A BeyondBlue publication on post-traumatic strss disorder (PTSD).


Inquiry Into Work Related Mental Disorders and Suicide Prevention

South Australian Parliamentary Committee on occupational safety, rehabilitation and compensation


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