Breaking the Silence: Insights into the Impact of Being a Firefighter on Men's Mental Health

The purpose of this investigation was to explore the impact being a firefighter has on men’s mental health. Providing insights into how firefighters experience their work, both in terms of the job requirements as well as the occupational culture in which they work, offering personal descriptions and thus a deeper understanding of trauma symptoms related to fire fighting, providing a window into a largely closed culture and how the overt and tacit norms in the fire department impact the firefighters mental health, and finally, by speaking, the participants have started the process of breaking the silence that seems to plague the fire service related to disclosing mental health symptoms.

Research Paper, 2009

A Firefighter's Silent Killer: Suicide


Confronting Suicide in the Fire Service

Strategies for Intervention & Prevention.

Booklet, 2014

Suicide in the Fire and Emergency Services

Adopting a Proactive Approach to Behavioural Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

Booklet, 2012

Is humor the best medicine?

The buffering effect of coping humor on traumatic stressors in firefighters.

Research Paper, May 2013

A Comprehensive Approach to Workplace Stress & Trauma in Fire-Fighting

A Review Document.

Research Paper, October 2003

Proposal To Implement a Fire Department Health and Wellness Program

Research Paper

U.S. Fire Administration Health and Wellness Program

For the volunteer fire and emergency services.

Booklet, February 2009


Firefighter health and wellness program.


Wellness-Fitness Toolbox

Providing fire administrations and labour leaders with program ideas and best practices that they can implement to improve the wellness and fitness of their personnel.

Research Paper

Wellbeing and Health Promotion, Fire & Rescue NSW

Case Study

Firefighter Suicide: Understanding Cultural Challenges


Suicide in the Fire and Emergency Services

Adopting a proactive approach to behavioural awareness and suicide prevention.


Occupational Health Effects for Firefighters

The effect and implications of physical and psychological injuries


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