When Helping Hurts: PTSD in First Responders

More sectors of society than first thought may be effected by PTSD — beyond the military to first responders, to journalists who report trauma and may also be exposed to threat, to people who have lived with domestic violence, to refugees in indefinite detention, to people from indigenous communities dealing with historical and current trauma, to prison populations and victims of violent crime.


Impact of Work on the Well-Being of Police Officers and Firefighters

Work is one of the most important spheres of human functioning and has a significant impact on individual overall well-being.

Research Paper, 2013

The Value of Effective, Recurrent Dispatch Training

Emergency Dispatch Centers (911) across the United States employ many unsung heroes of events in which decisions made under high stress can be the difference between life and death. These decisions are no less critical than those made by police officers or fire fighters in the field; yet emergency dispatchers rarely receive the same level of recognition. Hence, emergency dispatchers often do not receive the ongoing perishable skills training that is often mandated for their higher profile co‐workers.


Stress and the 911 Dispatcher

The 911 Dispatcher is the first "First Responder." The dispatcher is the vital link, ensuring clear communication between all responders, affecting the safety of both the citizen in need and the police, fire and emergency medical personnel responding.


Psychological Health of Emergency Dispatchers

Exploring the Psychological Health of Emergency Dispatch Centre Operatives.


Is Dispatching to a Traffic Accident as Stressful as Being in One?

Acute Stress Disorder, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Occupational Burnout in 911 Emergency Dispatchers.


Preventing Suicide

A resource for police, firefighters and other first line responders.

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First Responders

Trauma Intervention and Suicide Prevention.

Booklet, 2015

Frontline Stress behind the Scenes

Emergency Medical Dispatchers

Research Paper

A Holistic Review of the Health and Wellness Programs of Victorian Emergency Services

Research Paper, May 2011

Expert Guidelines: Diagnosis and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Emergency Services WWorkers


Early Mental Health Intervention for First Responders


Psychosis First Aid Guidelines

Fact Sheet

Psychological First Aid for All

A World Health Organisation publication on supporting people in the aftermath of crisis events.


Common Reactions After Crime

Victims Support Services


Good Practice Framework for Mental Health and Wellbeing in First Responder Organisations

A BeyondBlue publication on mental health in emergency services.

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Mental Illness and Suicide in the Media

A Mindframe Resource for Police

PTSD Guidelines

Expert Guidelines: Diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in emergency service workers.

Audit of Emergency Services Mental Health Programs - Summary Report

A report from BeyondBlue.

December, 2014

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